Learn the Art of Body Language Training with Secrets of Body Language

The more we comprehend Body language and its influence on others, the better we will appreciate the power it holds. From a point of view of communication, body language has a main role to play. What if you are asked just to use verbal words without using your facial expressions or body language to express what you feel? It would certainly be an utter agony. Secrets of body language gives you training to study and recognize your own body talk for effective communication with others. Through our public speaking and body language training, you can develop and refine your skills.

Body Language is so powerful, that it can state to us what other people contemplate and feel. Did you know that only between 7-10% of what we express is really used to deliver a message and 60-80% of our meaning is conveyed through Body Language? Body Language can aid us accurately access other people's mindset and attitudes make sure that we state the message we want to give across to others authentically.

Enroll yourself today for the body language training which is scheduled at Gold Coast- Australia starting from 28th to 30th November (Friday to Sunday sharp at 8:30 am – 6 pm). Well-known Psychosomatic Therapy teacher trainer Hermann Muller welcomes you for an exclusive three day training that will aid you to unlock your own communication and deepen your understanding of those around you. On day one you cover some basic principles of body language, case studies, and understand individual parts of the face, hands, and fingers.

Day two will teach you to comprehend how the body parts come together to execute and express the inner dialogue of the body mind, understand your own body talk, express the meaning of hands, arms, and fingers, facial terms and moods with lips and mouth, handshakes, handcuffs, and waves. Eventually, on day 3 your body language will come alive in professional and social interaction.

Book your seat for the training by dialling 07 5500 4768 or mail us at info@secretsofbodylanguage.com . You can also sign up to our newsletter and get latest updates on our various spiritual activities.