Secrets of Body Language Training


Gold Coast - Australia


26 - 28 August 2017 -  Saturday to monday

8:30am - 6pm


Unlock communication on an entirely new level within yourself.
Interact much more effectively with others.
Exclusive three day training applying unique Psychosomatic insights.
High level consulting for corporate business
Keynote presentations
Learn and understand your own 'body talk'

In this EXCLUSIVE three day training Hermann Muller will cover
the keys to unlocking your own communication and understanding those of others.

Utilising THE SECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE you can become much more aware of gestures in yourself,
and others, to REALLY understand the true message someone is communicating.

Instead of reacting to a person’s body language, you can understand the real message, including
where exactly this message is coming from, then communicate with your body accordingly.
As you become more aware of your own body language talk you become more confident with your communication,
and in yourself, which automatically makes other people feel more comfortable around you.

The simple fact is a person’s body and movements may be saying one thing,
while their words are saying something quite different.

Where the movement comes from in their body means something.

Which part of the body is being used or held back.

Which side of the body being used.

Even a certain part of the finger or hand means something completely different,
depending on the exact point it is touching on the body.


Day One:

  • Basic principles of body language from a psychosomatic therapy viewpoint
  • Case studies of interactions and application of body language
  • Understanding individual parts of the face
  • Recognising the individual parts of the hands and fingers in detail

Day Two:

  • Understanding how the body parts come together to perform and express the internal dialogue of the Bodymind
  • Understanding your own 'body talk'
  • Expressions and deeper meaning of arms, hands and fingers
  • Facial expressions and moods with mouth and lips
  • Handcuffs, handshakes and waves

Day Three:

  • Body language comes alive in social and professional interaction
  • Role play and practical application

Banner image by Gold Coast photographer Tommy Campion - Facebook page