Top three cues to be on the look out for in business dealings

Secrets of Body Language Handshake

Effective leadership starts with understanding the message.

Body language cues make up approximately 60% of the real message in any conversation.

Doing well in business often depends an solid partnerships or joint ventures with other business owners.

However many business owners are unaware of the REAL impact of their gestures, words and body movements during conversations with potential clients or business partners.

Unfortunately many businesses owners can be susceptible to dishonest but well presented professionals.

One way to make sure you are only aligning with genuine business people is by observing their body language during interactions and trusting your intuitive responses.

So what would I look for specifically, that could potentially influence in me agreeing to do business with anyone? Find my top 3 tips below.

1.       If the business owner couldn’t look me in the eye during a conversation.

The eyes are not only ‘window to our soul’, they also represent the heart space. If someone cannot hold my gaze, there is a good chance they are hiding something from me, and if they look at me their eyes can reveal the truth, (obviously one they don’t want me to see). Or they could be unsure of themselves and mentally distracted.

2.       If they have their hands in their pockets.

As well as the eyes, our hands and arms are an extension of our heart. It is very well known in sales trainings you must always ‘show your hands’ and have your palms facing up if you want someone to believe what you are saying.

In my Secrets of Body Language training public speaking module, we discuss how it is important to show your hands to reveal the message is coming from your heart, that you are genuine and connected to what it is you are talking about.

If a person refused to reveal their hands, or if their hands were constantly flickering below their waist, it would detract significantly from the message they were attempting to convey.

Instinctually we guard ourselves from someone who is not open and willing to reveal what is in their heart. We automatically relax more to a friendly and open interaction.

A person with their hands in their pockets can indicate they are holding back their thoughts or feel held back exposing something.  Depending if it is one or both hands in their pockets, would represent if they were holding back mentally (right) or emotionally (left).

3.       An inability to stay present or connected.

How many times have you attempted to have a conversation with someone and it seems like they are just not there? It’s as if their mind has vacated their body. Well, it has. Albeit temporarily.

Perhaps they are fidgeting or distracted, unable to stay still, not really listening to what you have to say.

A limp handshake – I call it the ‘dead fish’ – is indicative of a person who is not fully present or grounded in their body. The handshake is a crucial component of any business meeting as the hand represents all aspects of our body.

This would be a big ‘NO’ for me especially in a business dealing.

As a client, yes absolutely, as someone to work with in equal terms ? Not until they are back in their body!

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